CAD Designs



CAD Designs can take extensively diverse solutions dependent on client requirement, building regulations and planning permissions.

All of which need to be taken into account when creating an appropriate solution.

As a direct result, at Altun Property Consultants we have create a robust, yet transparent solution which enables a transparent solution to meet client expectation.

Utilising this philosophy and foundation, at Altun Property Consultants, we provide a service that not only allows us to gain a holistic and detailed view of client requirements, we are able to present options suitable for the solution.

This enables all parties to achieve an in depth understanding and appreciation of the complexities, opportunities and solutions of the entirety of the project.

We combine this design with our vast knowledge of construction to enable us to set the correct foundations for the creation phase.

During this process we use cutting edge CAD software to design and create 2D or 3D representations, we visualise and create the client’s visualisation. By using these very methods, this empowers us to establish the most efficient, cost effective construction or refurbishment solution.

We create, we execute.

So, irrespective of whether it is a simple sketch that you require, or you need a professional CAD drawing right through to 3D modelling, at Dursun Property Consultants we can create this for you.

All CAD drawings can be supplied with your company if required.