Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Mr Dursun Altun

Managing Director

Dursun Altun is a dedicated and self-motivated professional with extensive experience in multiple faceted areas of construction.

He leads from the front on a project management basis ensuring that every project is carried out with the utmost care and diligence as well as handling and impacting a wide variety of business challenges both internally and externally.

Dursun has a keen interest and has a proven track record in delivering:

  • Key practical knowledge
  • Modern legislation
  • Compliance
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Project Management & Delivery
  • Health and safety

Dursun has a keen interest in self-development and exploring current technologies acknowledging that as time progresses, so does best practice to ensure business excellence and continuity.

Our Team

Ayse Business coordinator

The team at Dursun Property Consultants is our greatest asset and your greatest resource to ensure construction excellence, each time, on time and every time.

With a universally vetted team, we bring not only expertise, we bring tenacity, skills and excitement for each and every new build, refurbishment or maintenance project.

The majority of our staff have been with us since our inception, our bricklayers have held management positions and successfully completed hundreds of high standard projects throughout the United Kingdom and internationally.

We ensure that our site managers have substantial experience in live projects whilst championing high quality and unequalled health and safety standards which are communicated and adhere to.

Let us not forget our contractors, the real masters at their art breathing life into your works of distinction.

Behind all of these onsite workers our quantity surveyors and estimators accurately forecast national and international project costs ensuring that budget forecasts are maintained and cost-controls and cost-savings are transferred back to our customers.